7 simple tips to find a Good personal trainer

When it comes to hiring a personal trainer, there are always doubts when it comes to what you can achieve, but also if the trainer is worth the additional money. That’s because personal trainers are an expense, and usually that can be a challenge to consider. What matters, at least from a personal perspective, is to ensure that whatever you pay the personal trainer, you will actually feel the results and you will achieve better success in the long run.

However, the problem is that a lot of people are unsure how to find the best personal trainer for them. Most of the time, good personal trainers can be difficult to access, they might be very busy. Some even have higher pricing that certainly shows the value and quality that they offer. So it always makes a lot of sense to see what personal trainers can provide, what results you can expect, but also how you can select the right personal trainer. Here you have a few tips and tricks to help you find the best personal trainers that fit your requirements.

  1. Do they specialize in the area of fitness you need?

That’s where a lot of people have trouble finding a good fitness professional. They try to get everything done themselves, and they never specialize in a certain fitness area. If you do that, your progress will be slow or in some cases, non-existent. What you can do here is to try and find a personal trainer that specializes in the field you are interested in. That’s great because it will help save time, and it will certainly eliminate a lot of the potential downsides that can arise.

For example, some people want to focus more on building muscles. Others want a cardio routine, while there are people that focus on maintenance workouts. All of them can add up and you want to ensure that you have access to the utmost results and benefits. Plus, there are other fitness areas like balance, agility, coordination, endurance that you can address.

Don’t just rush into hiring the first personal trainer you find. Instead, you want to ensure that the personal trainer has a proper specialization that fits your requirements. That way, it just helps eliminate a lot of potential issues, and the return on investment can be extremely impressive every step of the way.

  • Check references

When you hire any type of service, you always want to check references. That’s valid when you want to hire a personal trainer as well. You always want to ensure that they have all the necessary references and they can actively help you. The reality is that in most cases, people find it difficult to hire a personal trainer because they all seem very similar from a professional standpoint.

But once you start performing your due diligence and actually identify references and extra info, that’s when it all clicks. You will notice based on references and their online reviews how people perceive that personal trainer and the service they are offering. Of course, some of them can have a lot of bias. However, references can still give you a good insight into the situation and what you can expect.

You should always take the info with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to very subjective reviews. But it makes sense to check references, identify any pros and cons, and then go from there. Once you do that, it will become much easier to achieve excellent results, and the value itself will be great as well.

  • Do they care about you?

For many personal trainers, assisting others is their job. And that’s it. They draw the line there, which might not be enough for a lot of people. There are plenty of people that expect professional support, personalized services and so on. You will see from the first conversations if the personal trainer actually cares about you and if they can help achieve your goals.

The interactions, how they react to the routine and the approach they have will always help you narrow things down. Remember, you are not forced to work with a specific trainer. So it helps to shop around and see what works in your own situation. Some personal trainers are not going to be a good fit, and that’s fine. What you want to do is to assess every trainer that you can, and then see if they are a good option in your own case.

  • They should be results focused

The best personal trainers will always focus on helping you obtain very good results and a great experience for you. But not all personal trainers are like that, so you have to assess their dedication and how much they focus on creating a great workout routine. They should also help with nutritional advice and any other information that might be relevant. The more assistance you get in this situation, the better it will be in the long run.

If the personal trainer just shares info and guidance that might not help you achieve your results, then they are not a good fit for you. The reality is that you want a personal trainer who is involved, and who creates a workout routine that truly helps you. It will just help make the experience better, and the value itself will be more than impressive every step of the way.

  • They should provide support outside of sessions

That’s where a lot of personal trainers tend to draw the line. Some are ok with offering support only during the workout session. But once that ends, then they will not be available until you come back for your next session. The best personal trainers will always be there to help you achieve great results and they will answer at any time. That’s what makes the difference between a good personal trainer and a great one.

Just because a personal trainer doesn’t want to offer assistance outside of their work hours is a personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with that, however it might not be the ideal pick for you, specifically. It just makes a lot more sense to find a professional trainer that knows how to help and which is there to give the help you need. A great service will always matter, and being able to assist outside of the regular work hours is one of those benefits that truly help.

  • They should help set goals

When you work with a personal trainer, one of the things that you should expect from them is the ability to set the right goals. That’s the thing, you always want the personal trainer to take their time and actively help you bring your goals to life. Most of the time, personal trainers will help you create a goals list and then they will split those goals into simpler ones that you can achieve. Those smaller goals will be easier to achieve, and as you get there, you will feel motivated to bring your final goal to fruition.

The personal trainer is an accountability partner, and he can steer you back on track if you end up going off-course for a little bit. At the end of the day, hiring a great personal trainer will always help, and it will help provide the results you expect. What matters is to work with a great personal trainer, and he will be there to bring your vision to life.

7) They should review your goals and progress regularly

Top personal trainers always focus on reviewing your progress and goals. The idea here is to ensure you stay on track and don’t deviate. Unfortunately, deviating from the main goals is something that a lot of people do, especially in the beginning. However, the role of a personal trainer is to bring you on course and never step away from your designated goals.

Obviously, many people don’t have a strong will to stick with their goals and focus on them. But as soon as you get started with that, you will see why it makes sense to have a personal trainer. He is the person that will help you stay accountable, he will ensure that you are not losing any focus, and in the long run the results can be extremely good.


We are firm believers that working with a good personal trainer is the ideal way to stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals. It can take a bit of time to find the right personal trainer for you, but don’t rush. It always comes down to finding a great personal trainer that you connect with, and who can help you create and work towards your fitness goals. Plus, he will be the accountability partner that will help you stay on track with everything. As you can see, hiring a good personal trainer can make a huge difference. It will be much easier to understand what kind of workouts is great for you, while also eliminating from the list any workouts that might not be ok. Rest assured that with these guidelines and tips, you won’t have a problem finding the best personal trainer! If you would like a free consultation book here.

About the author

Gerald Smith is Sittingbourne PT specialising in weight loss. He has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and has a degree in Exercise, nutrition and health. Gerald is availbale for online personal training for anyone who lives outside of Sittingbourne. He also has a fitness blog where he releases two posts a week on Monday and Thursdays.