Why should you hire a personal trainer?  Why shouldn’t you?  There are many reasons to hire a trainer, and they are all based on your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.  Have you been wanting to lose weight for many years?  Perhaps you have been successful for a while, but then just ended up gaining all the weight back and more?  Do you think being a bit stronger could help in your day-to-day life?  Perhaps you want to go up the stairs at work without getting winded every time?  Or maybe you have seen those folks having lots of fun on different races such as a 5K, and you want in on the action?

In any of these cases (and these are just a few of the many), a Personal Trainer can help you to achieve your goals faster than if you were training alone.  For example, studies have shown that clients who have a Personal Trainer make greater gains in strength than those who train alone.  Most weight loss clients achieve their goals faster with the aid of a trainer, and the list goes on.

Why do people achieve their goals faster and maintain their achievements longer if they have a Personal Trainer?  There are many reasons, and here are a few:

  • Knowledge.  A Personal Trainer who is well qualified and maintains his/her Continuing Education can provide you with the knowledge you need to use the best, most proven exercises to achieve your goals.
  • Prevention of Injury.  A Personal Trainer who is well qualified can help you to correct technique on exercises, so that injury is less likely.  Injuries can backtrack your goals if you cannot complete fitness sessions.
  • Accountability.  When you know you have someone there waiting for you, you’re much less likely to miss a fitness session.
  • Motivation.  A Personal Trainer not only teaches you how to do exercises well, but also can  motivate you to get in those last few repetitions that you may not have convinced yourself to do, if you were you training solo.
  • Fun.  A well qualified Personal Trainer can keep things interesting by varying your workouts and surprising you with different fitness activities.
  • Independence.  A well qualified Personal Trainer who believes in his/her clients will not make the clients dependent on him/her.  The Personal Trainer who wants his/her clients to excel will stay with clients until they achieve the fitness goals they have set, but will also provide clients with the knowledge and confidence they need to continue a healthy lifestyle independently, once initial goals have been reached.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will give you tips, as well as dos and don’ts of hiring a Personal Trainer.